It’s A Party!

61 local
      the bar 61 local – but we will be upstairs!

We are so excited to bring you our second LITWRAP Works-In-Progress reading, with an awesome lineup of local writers: Kris Waldherr, Brian Erickson, Ilana Kramer, Frances Uku, Patrick Morris, Annapurna Potluri, Meghan Dunn, Cristina Martin, Jocelyn Lucas, and Albert Pulido! Grab a drink downstairs and join us UPSTAIRS for some words and inspiration.  Hope to see you in real life for hugs and high fives!

When: Thursday April 25, 7-9PM
Where: 61 Local (Cobble Hill): 61 Bergen St, New York, NY 11201

Cultural Detritus as an Anchor to Time and Place

Four Loko
Four Loko

Britt reviews graphic novel BodyWorld by Dash Shaw (Pantheon, 2010: originally serialized online from 2007 – 2009)

I first read BodyWorld in college (2010) as an assigned novel, and when I picked it up this round I kept waiting to read the scene where the hot mess of a protagonist, smokable plant ‘researcher’ Pauly Panther, goes into a corner store and discovers the graphic novel’s equivalent of the infamous energy drink Four Loko, Blast, sitting in a beer cooler and is delighted by the fact that someone thought to combine alcohol and energy. This is by no means a crucial scene in the grand scheme of things–but considering that the exact years I was in college saw both the rise and eventual outright cancellation of Four Loko, I’m super attracted to the specificity of audience in this moment. This moment is for me, and for anyone else who had any connection at all to Four Loko, and considering the rate at which shit is being created and taken away in our world–at the rate of Jesse Eisenberg’s talking in The Social Network (already a dated reference)–a writer’s option to connect with a universal, timeless audience is contentious. Continue reading Cultural Detritus as an Anchor to Time and Place

A Room of Her Own

Kris Waldherr's main work area, which faces the door to take advantage of the feng shui.
Kris Waldherr’s main work area, which faces the door to take advantage of the feng shui.

This was supposed to be a post that included a photo of mine and Kate’s writing rooms but I didn’t take photos of mine because it’s pretty much empty. Luckily my friend and fellow writer / Litwrap enthusiast Kris Waldherr has sent us some photos of her inspiring space.  It’s organized, clean (at least most of the time) and most importantly, focused almost completely on what she needs to get to work every day.  Continue reading A Room of Her Own

Write like Fire, Burn up the Page

The Flamethrowers, Rachel Kushner (Scribner, 2013)

162__525x418_cindy-sherman_untitled-film-still-21_1978I loved this book so much it hurts.  I had to keep myself off the internet for three days just so I wouldn’t read every review and interview I could find on this author’s second novel, the first of which, Telex from Cuba, was a National Book Award Finalist.  It may be because she lives in my new city, or just that she made an impression on me at her Skylight reading this month.  Either way, I’m saying five stars, read it now, buy it for friends family or those you love for Rachel Kushner’s, The Flamethrowers.   Continue reading Write like Fire, Burn up the Page

LitWrap Member E.A. Rigg, and Her Self-Published Debut Novel


E. A. Rigg talks to LitWrap about her self-published debut novel, Casey Barnes Eponymous.

Kate: Casey Barnes Eponymous is your first novel. Why did you decide to self publish it?
E.A. Rigg: I got an agent for Casey Barnes Eponymous pretty quickly.  She shopped it around to a few houses but ultimately did not sell it.  Her recommendation was that I shelve it and work on another novel, but I was reluctant to do that.  For one thing, I had a couple years as well as a good deal of sleep deprivation invested in that novel.  For another, it had gotten a lot of positive response from early readers.  One young woman, an assistant at another literary agency, even emailed me out of the blue months after she read it to ask which house I ended up selling it to.  I just wasn’t ready to give up on the novel and felt there was an audience out there for it. Continue reading LitWrap Member E.A. Rigg, and Her Self-Published Debut Novel

Picks for the LA Times Festival of Books, April 20-21st, 2013

Heads up LA people, this weekend is the LA Times Festival of Books.  Here are three panels we’re recommending to readers.  Check out the full schedule and hope to hear from you all about what you are seeing and when.

57955_c828e23740a1dc72c5bab8233476fc40_d88a4da67536869813414efe4b841e96Fiction: The Social Novel with Rachel Kushner, Jonathan Lethem and Marisa Silver, moderated by David L. Ulin @ Seeley G. Mudd, Saturday April 20th, at 10am.

Rachel Kushner is a new literary rock-star, one we’re willing to groupie up for anyway.  She gave all sorts of great answers at her recent Skylight book reading and will likely romance her audiences this weekend at her panel with fellow literary rock-star Jonathan Lethem.  What might these three writers say about social disease and the modern novel? Continue reading Picks for the LA Times Festival of Books, April 20-21st, 2013