Watch This Space! LitWrap is Growing.

Since 2012, Emily and I have worked to provide LitWrap subscribers with useful, inspiring content about the art, the craft, the craziness of creative writing. 

And we’ve had some hugs successes, including:

  • hosting awesome works-in-progress readings at 61 Local in Brooklyn;
  • partnering with the Slice Literary Conference in Brooklyn to send 5 LitWrap subscribers to the conference as volunteers; 
  • earning a grant for one emerging novelist and LitWrap member (Kris Waldherr);
  • interviewing over thirty published writers about their books, their process, and their advice for emerging writers

We’ve also amassed a group of passionate, creative followers: You. You may have noticed that LitWrap newsletters are coming less often. You’re right. But we haven’t gone away. We’re working behind the scenes to cohere our content to better serve you, our brilliant writer members, friends, mentors.

Thank you for staying with us. We hope you like it.