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Emily Kramer is a long time Brooklyn resident who just moved to California where it’s pretty much sunny as most of you know.  What some of you might not know is why she made that move.  Well it’s hard for her to say too. For now let’s leave it at the weather.  But someday, when a great novel comes out with her name on it, we’ll say she moved there to write.

Kate Pigott might ask Emily why she couldn’t just write in New York, and it would be an excellent question.  Because that’s where Kate has managed to bust out seventeen chapters of her crime novel set in the Philippines, where Kate once lived for a period of time.  That was before she decided that what she wanted was a garden apartment and a CSA share and a mint colored scooter.  And you know what that means.  Boo Ya Brooklyn!

The two met through a mutual friend who knew we were both working on fiction.  When we got together in that garden apartment Kate moved to just a year ago, we realized that we both worked with Heather O’Neill over at Sackett Street.  And in the summer of 2012, on the way back from the Maker Fair in Queens, where we bonded over building a small circuit, we decided to do a start-up.

It began as a newsletter that would give us and our few writing buddies a heads up on readings in the ‘hood.  Soon Kate had the great idea to do some book reviews and then also hit up published authors for tips on writing.  And then shortly after: hosted readings of our own.

Josef Reyes, art directory extraordinaire, is responsible for making LitWrap look great.  This includes our beautiful logo and the design for our ongoing works-in-progress reading series. Someday soon we will have tote bags and mugs, check back!

The readings where all of you have shared from work have been our favorite parts about this project. That and meeting Mariana Ontiveros and Britt Gudas who made it possible to publish up to four posts a week during the duration of their Spring 2013 internship with us.  As we continue on this journey of writing together we now feel less alone and more a part of a book loving crew.

So thank you everyone for reading and writing and for agreeing to hear from us every week!

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