A Creative Retreat at Camp NaNoWriMo, April 1st – 30th


Are you ready to breath some fresh air into your writing practice this Spring?  Let it be hot air if you’d like, as long as you lift yourself above the daily grind of revisions and drift into the midst of some new ideas. If conferences and residencies aren’t in the plan for you this year, then check out Camp NaNoWriMo, the April program for storytellers and word counters.

National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo for short, takes place in November every year.  It’s a call to writers to set aside our self-editing in the service of completing a first draft of a novel, defined by the word count of 50,000 words. That’s the promise you make at the beginning of the month and if you fulfill your promise you “win”. Continue reading A Creative Retreat at Camp NaNoWriMo, April 1st – 30th

Writing and Parenting

bump-300x175So, I just had a baby three weeks ago! Yay!


She’s sleeping right now.

So far, I’ve managed a few hours here and there of writing time. Not consecutively. Maybe in 30 minute intervals, and maybe forsaking the nap that new moms are advised to take in the maxim: “You sleep when she sleeps.” Continue reading Writing and Parenting

Novel Writing Is A Long Road So Bring A Map!


Last week my writing sponsor sent me an email that said: If you don’t have a giant map of all the chapters, you should make one. Put in a line for what happens in each, then figure out where each one that you have fits. You really should know the full arc as much as possible — at least up to the point where you’ve done some writing. That make sense? Continue reading Novel Writing Is A Long Road So Bring A Map!

Brooklyn: Get Ready for September



I know we’re in the midst of summer doldrums, but the brisk September air is just around the corner, the kind that makes us want to put our noses to grindstones and achieve great writing again.

September is a big literary month for our borough, with the Brooklyn Book Festival from the 16th to the 22nd. Continue reading Brooklyn: Get Ready for September

I’m Not A Zero, and other thoughts about Writing and Money

I have less than $1000 in the bank and no credit card debt and no savings. I am hoping that my new book will sell in the States and elsewhere in the new year to save me.  – Author, Sheila Heti from Miranda July’s email project, We Think Alone. 


Anyone out there feel for Sheila Heti?  OK, not now that her book DID come out in the US and to much critical acclaim. But what about beforehand, when she didn’t know whether she’d have rent out a room in her already cheap apartment to keep herself out of the red? Does that, like, sound familiar to any of us aspiring writers? Continue reading I’m Not A Zero, and other thoughts about Writing and Money

Feed The Machine

 COMPUTER2– Every Day Publishing with System Lover, Satya Khan.

There are so many different ways to publish writing today.  You can blog your novel in episodes each day.  You can tweet plot points in 144 word bits. You can make a diary of your Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler on Pintrest.

But Satya Khan has kept it personal.  Her three paragraph flash memoir pieces go out every week day (well, almost) to her mailing list of readers.  And the archives of her story are only available in your inbox. Continue reading Feed The Machine

Three Reasons You Should Write a Short, Short Story

images-3What is flash fiction? Flash fiction is a complete story, remarkable for its brevity. Lengths might shift. Some outlets call for a teeny 100 words. Others offer the wiggle room of a comfy 1500 words. Regardless, flash fiction needs to tell a story, with plot, narrative, character/s, conflict, and resolution.

You should write a short, short story because: Continue reading Three Reasons You Should Write a Short, Short Story