WIP Reading, Tuesday, July 29th, 7 – 9PM @ 61 Bergen St – Brooklyn

2014_XX-LITWRAP-Writing_in_Progress-illo-r1-1LitWrap Summer Party
Tuesday, July 29th, 7 – 9PM
61 Local (Cobble Hill)
61 Bergen St, Brooklyn

We are so excited to bring you our third LITWRAP Works-In-Progress reading, with an awesome
lineup of local writers: Kris Waldherr, Brian Erickson, Ilana Kramer, Sarah Seltzer, Rachel Lyon, Max Bean, Mary Lannon, and Gerard Cabrera. Grab a drink downstairs and join us UPSTAIRS for some words and inspiration. Hope to see you in real life for hugs and high fives!


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February Books To Watch Out For, from the New Yorker

NewYorker-logoFor those of you itching to read at the cutting edge, check out the New Yorker’s list of Books to Watch Out For for this month, Feb 2014. Kate’s comments on the books that sparked her interest. Continue reading February Books To Watch Out For, from the New Yorker

Abandoned Cabin Reading Not Scary At All


I love a good alternative reading series.  This seems like a good time to thank everyone who participated in the Litwrap readings at 61 Local this year.  We are looking forward to hearing more of your works-in-progress in 2014.

Mostly, there’s just something about getting out of a bookstore and into somewhere with good booze or snacks, that wets the palette for a new kind of story.  Not that box wine doesn’t do it for me sometimes.  It’s just a little variation can open up the mind and also extend the community from the established pro to the working joe. Continue reading Abandoned Cabin Reading Not Scary At All

A Million-Billion People at Hyperbole and a Half Reading

IMG_1534All different types came to Skylight last weekend to meet the human version of the sloth like creature from Allie Brosh’s website.  The book had some readers drawing pictures of their own feelings for the author in return.  Here are some tips from the crowd on how to wear YOUR hyperbole. Continue reading A Million-Billion People at Hyperbole and a Half Reading

F-Yeah, First Novel

novelMy First Novel: Tales of Woe and Glory (Writers Tribe Books)
Edited by Alan Watt

Note from a reading at Skylight Books on Friday October 4th, 2013

So you’re writing your first novel, eh?  Here’s how you might be thinking it goes.  Work hard every day, adding 1,000 words to the story that you’ve been dreaming of publishing.  Finish story and get a bunch of friends to tell you it’s the bomb (but it needs some fixing).  Fix those things and get some manilla envelopes and stamps at the post office and ship until someone says “yes!” Continue reading F-Yeah, First Novel

The Bender – Maria Semple, Jennifer Egan and Jack London

9781780221243Recently, my friend Gena K. sent me a great summer read: Where’d You Go Bernadette.  It helped that the book came to me in a flash straight from Amazon to my kindle (now that’s my kind of gift).  But the character of Bernadette reads like she was delivered straight from the writer’s mind onto the page, fully formed.  And so I read and read for three days until I was done.

Henceforth began the bender: the deep dive into the internet to find anything and everything I could about the author. Her website is adorable and reminded me why spending “two years writing and rewriting a novel full of agreeable character which [you] hope will deliver [you] to commercial success” just doesn’t work.  She tried it and had to abandon the whole thing for a character named Bernadette who, much like herself, was a “toxic brew of self-pity, defensiveness, love and artistic paralysis” which was, “while humiliating to admit,”….”actually kind of funny.” Continue reading The Bender – Maria Semple, Jennifer Egan and Jack London

Conveying A Sense of Ease, with Colum McCann

By LitWrap Contributor Frances Uku

Last week at Brooklyn’s BookCourt, Colum McCann read from his latest novel, TransAtlantic. Another high-wire act of death-defying fiction, spanning several centuries and continents, the novel was also long-listed last week for the 2013 Man Booker Prize for Fiction. McCann answered audience questions about craft, and his career since he himself arrived in New York City from Ireland two decades ago.

(c) Tim Knox: Guardian UK
(c) Tim Knox: Guardian UK

Continue reading Conveying A Sense of Ease, with Colum McCann