What are your goals as a writer? Be specific

imagesThis is the second question of the “Short Answer” section of the Pen Center Emerging Voices Fellowship application for 2015.  The first — why are you applying for the fellowship — is a little easier to answer.  There are considerable benefits: a professional mentorship with a published author, classes at the UCLA Writer’s Extension Program and a series of genre specific master classes, to name a few.  But specific goals as a writer?  That’s a little harder to say.

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The Best Fellowships and Retreats for Writers


If heaven is a writing desk, then what’s a writing desk in a cabin in the woods?  With breakfast delivered to your door? That, my friend, is called a retreat.

Sure you’ve heard of Yaddo’s 400-acre creative community in Saratoga Springs, but what about the Wellspring House in Ashfield, MA, or the Haven Writing Retreat in Whitefish, MT?  Some fellowships also offer peaceful places to write like the WCR Writing Fellowship in the Redwoods in Soquel, CA.

Brené Brown says, the only thing that differentiates between people who go after what they want and those who don’t is that those who do feel worthy.  So go for it!  Ra-ra heavenly writing retreats for all.

More here on the 12 top Fellowships and Retreats. (photo from: hedgebrook.org)